The Don

“Hindi mo kailangang ipagparangalan ang mayroon ka. Hayaang magsalita ang iyong hirap sa sarili.” – “Don” Antero Abata Cartas

“You don’t have to flaunt what you have. Let your hard work speak for itself.”  

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What Makes Them

She had grown old, turned forty, only to find that she didn’t much care for the world she lived in. Oh, she loved her children, all one thousand of them that it sometimes seemed she had. And she loved her husband who gave them to her, but the world which they inhabited no longer seemed like a good enough place for them all. Continue reading “What Makes Them”

Life in the Bend

Gripping the cold, shaky metal, Buck stared intensely at the line where hair met skin on his newest client’s neck. A sensitive, 16 year old boy named Robert sat in the chair while he vented to Buck as if he was a father figure to the boy. Buck had owned this shop for two years now, but it got harder daily.

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Working Harder for Less: The Story of an Industrious Mother

Clara Loecker looks to her right dressed in a red hat and brown winter coat.
From Marie Humphrey’s personal collection.

The face of a Native American, sad and contemplative, stares at me from the back of the wooden rocking chair I am walking towards. The dark wood looks fragile but holds weight with a steady balance. “There used to be horses and carriages”: those words have come to me from the chair’s mouth in a few surreal dreams. Continue reading “Working Harder for Less: The Story of an Industrious Mother”

Band of Brothers

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, for he who sheds his blood with me on this day shall be my brother.”

William Shakespeare wrote that as part of his famous St. Crispin’s Day speech in Henry V. This kind of mentality exists throughout military history, even sometimes crossing battle lines. Put yourself back in the 1940s. You are in the middle of a battle in a faraway country where you have never been to before.

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