Children’s Sun Clothing

“Sun Suits for Children.” The United States Department of Agriculture, 1928.

One interesting artifact from the Hoole archives is a pamphlet published from the Department of Agriculture in 1928 titled “Sun Suits for Children.” The 9-page handout was used by housewives to ensure their children were not only receiving the correct amount of sunlight for their health but that they were

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“Hilarity Court”

Wood, Alice.  “Hilarity Court.”  1938.  1632.0001/26.  University of Alabama Special Collections.  “Carolyn Shepard Price Home Economics Teaching Materials” collection; “Entertainments” folder.

In an October 1938 magazine article entitled “Hilarity Court” Alice Wood describes the events of a particular Halloween party. The host invites her guests to the party with a legal summons, and then takes them on a scenic tour of the property, including multiple clues and one ladder, before they arrive

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The Economic Status of Negroes

Johnson, Charles S. The Economic Status of Negroes. Fisk University, 1933.

In 1933, the Conference on the Economic Status of the Negro was held on May 11-13 in Washington, D. C. Charles S. Johnson did a wonderful job taking note of all that was said. He did so well that his work, The Economic Status of Negroes, was published by Fisk University—an HBCU, or historic black college

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How Women Buy Underwear

Hill, Margaret. “How Women Buy Underwear.” The University of Alabama, 1933.

Until I found “How Women Buy Underwear,” an academic paper by Margaret Hill, the paper sat in Hoole archives with fading letters and dust residue. Hill studies what women during the 1930’s considered when they bought new underwear. Hill contacted 100 women from the University of Alabama for “the

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“Little Helpers In Home Management”

Autry, Mary. “Little Helpers In Home Management.” The Progressive Farmer Mar. 1938.

“Little Helpers in Home Management” is an article published in The Progressive Farmer, and was found in the Carol Shepard Price Home Economics Teaching Materials box in the Hoole Special Collections Library, in the folder “House-Furniture 1632.0002/21.” This piece discusses DIY  fixes to

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Modern Laundry

The Modern Home Laundry. The Home Economics Department, The Procter & Gamble co. 1937.

In the archives of the Hoole library at the University of Alabama, there exists a bound book titled “The Modern Home Laundry”. Covered in a blue and pink pattern, the 96-page informative piece aims to teach housewives about laundry. Procter & Gamble, a company that sells washing machines and soaps,

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Baking Soda Is Magic

Clendening, Logan, “ Diet and Health.” Kansas City Star Nov. 4 1931. Rpt. In A friend in Need, Facts Worth Knowing About Arm and Hammer Baking Soda as a Proved Medical Agent. By Arm and Hammer Inc. 1933. Print

“A Friend in Need, Facts Worth Knowing About Arm and Hammer Baking Soda as a Proved Medical Agent” is a small booklet displaying a smiling mother offering her, also smiling, daughter a spoonful of baking soda. The booklet is a

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Alabama Clubwoman

Various Contributors. “Alabama Clubwoman.” November-December 1935.

This newsletter is filled with information and stories about life in Alabama during the Great Depression for women. Looking it as a piece of history, it did a lot to outline the club’s members and their roles during this time period, it serves as an interesting view of the world back then. It’s basically a piece of

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Sealtest Food Adviser (Lent 1939)

The Sealtest Food Adviser. Sealtest Laboratory Kitchen, Radio City, NY. Lent, 1939. University of Alabama Special Collections. “Carolyn Shepherd Price Home Economics Teaching Materials” collection, “Foods—Menu Planning” folder. 1632.0001/39.

Though a modest recipe booklet seems unlikely to yield substantial insight into the Great Depression, the Sealtest Food Adviser offers enough writing variety to justify exploring its pages. Sealtest’s status as a dairy company renders the Lenten edition available in the Hoole Library to be of particular

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Let’s Enjoy Eating: A Recipe to Good Research

Murray, Mary B. “Let’s Enjoy Eating.” The Wesson Oil and Snowdrift People, 1932. Carolyn Sheppard Price Home Economics Teaching Materials, 1632.0002, 53-115, 03.

The “Let’s Enjoy Eating” recipe pamphlet by Mary B. Murray, published in 1932 by the Wesson Oil and Snowdrift people, gives the reader an insight into the lifestyle of a woman in the 1930s. The introduction by “Dr. Walter H. Eddy, Ph. D, Director of Bureau of Foods, Sanitation and Health, Good Housekeeping

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