New Idea: Women Have Secrets, Too

Cover of 10 Secrets Women's Magazine. One woman posing on the cover.

Secrets. Secrets Magazine, 1938.

Secrets is a 122-page magazine (8 1/2″ x 11 3/8″) published in October 1938. This copy was obtained on Etsy and was not housed in Hoole Library. This magazine is a similar concept to Cosmopolitan magazine that would be found today. It appears to include antidotes and advertisements that appeal to a ‘powerful’ woman and to empower those reading. The cover promises 10 true

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Iowa in the Great Depression

Iowa in the Great Depression. Ames Historical Society, 2015, Accessed 3 Apr. 2019.

This site has great information regarding how the Great Depression impacted the state of Iowa. Specifically, I liked how the web site showed the Depression manifested differently throughout the ten-year period, and gave specific examples of the price increases in the items important to Iowans. This information was helpful to me when imagining how my grandfather’s life might have changed during his teenage years, especially as the child of two business owners.

Sewing with Cotton Bags

Sewing with Cotton Bags. The Textile Bag Manufacturers Association, 1937. 

photo of 1937 pamphlet
Reproduction of _Sewing with Cotton Bags_, originally published in 1937, purchased on Etsy

               Sewing with Cotton Bags is a 32-page booklet (5.5 x 8.5 inches) produced in February 1937 by The Textile Bag Manufacturers Association. This copy was obtained on eBay, rather than being housed in a library archive.

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