How Women Buy Underwear

Hill, Margaret. “How Women Buy Underwear.” The University of Alabama, 1933.

Until I found “How Women Buy Underwear,” an academic paper by Margaret Hill, the paper sat in Hoole archives with fading letters and dust residue. Hill studies what women during the 1930’s considered when they bought new underwear. Hill contacted 100 women from the University of Alabama for “the

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New Idea: Women Have Secrets, Too

Cover of 10 Secrets Women's Magazine. One woman posing on the cover.

Secrets. Secrets Magazine, 1938.

Secrets is a 122-page magazine (8 1/2″ x 11 3/8″) published in October 1938. This copy was obtained on Etsy and was not housed in Hoole Library. This magazine is a similar concept to Cosmopolitan magazine that would be found today. It appears to include antidotes and advertisements that appeal to a ‘powerful’ woman and to empower those reading. The cover promises 10 true

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Iowa in the Great Depression

Iowa in the Great Depression. Ames Historical Society, 2015, Accessed 3 Apr. 2019.

This site has great information regarding how the Great Depression impacted the state of Iowa. Specifically, I liked how the web site showed the Depression manifested differently throughout the ten-year period, and gave specific examples of the price increases in the items important to Iowans. This information was helpful to me when imagining how my grandfather’s life might have changed during his teenage years, especially as the child of two business owners.

Tired Hope

Mexican mother in California. “Sometimes I tell my children that I would like to go to Mexico, but they tell me ‘We don’t want to go, we belong here.'” (Note on Mexican labor situation in repatriation.) June 1935. From Library of Congress Prints and Photographs.

In June of 1935, well into the Great Depression, Dorothea Lange photographed a mother and her child in California. The mother talked about how she contemplates moving her and her children to Mexico, perhaps for

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George Huebner

My great-uncle George lived here up to World War II. He later went on to fight on the Western front of the war.

Clara Loecker

Born in Nebraska in 1910, my great grandmother lived at home with her family until her she turned twenty. In 1930, she moved to Sioux City to begin her life as an adult. In Sioux City Clara worked at the hospital kitchen where she washed dishes for the cafeteria, along with many other various jobs. She lived as a bachelorette until she married Roy Troutman in 1936. Two of her three children were born in the house Clara and her husband owned in Sioux City.

“Little Helpers In Home Management”

Autry, Mary. “Little Helpers In Home Management.” The Progressive Farmer Mar. 1938.

“Little Helpers in Home Management” is an article published in The Progressive Farmer, and was found in the Carol Shepard Price Home Economics Teaching Materials box in the Hoole Special Collections Library, in the folder “House-Furniture 1632.0002/21.” This piece discusses DIY  fixes to

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