What Makes A Charming Woman?

Ellis, Levice B. “Your Appearance.” Your Appearance, June 1944.

This article is vital to my research because it gives a sharp insight into the upkeep of women’s hygiene at the time. The magazine includes information about how to create products like deodorant, shampoo, etc. Each section is focused on solely one aspect of a woman’s appearance from “superfluous

hair” to “what makes a charming woman?”. It is important to note that not only does the magazine address body hygiene, but also categorizes things such as how often to wear pantyhose or expression as crucial. Posture and manners down to a handshake are covered so thoroughly, it is a wonder these women had time to get anything done.

The most fascinating part of this magazine is the weight section. The author even includes a chart so as to show a “healthy” weight depending on height and age. The chart is wildly inaccurate, and even dangerous in today’s society. However, it speaks to the period when there probably was not a whole lot of food lying around. Furthermore, the explanation for healthy eating blows the mind. Not because it is also inaccurate, but because it is relatively true to what is preached today. Moderate eating, balanced diet, regular exercise, water intake, and sleep are all highly valued in the article. All of this is important in understanding the ways a woman in this time might have improvised to take care of herself. It is also so important to understand the mindset and culture of the women who survived the Great Depression, and how it impacts society to this day.