“Hilarity Court”

Wood, Alice.  “Hilarity Court.”  1938.  1632.0001/26.  University of Alabama Special Collections.  “Carolyn Shepard Price Home Economics Teaching Materials” collection; “Entertainments” folder.

In an October 1938 magazine article entitled “Hilarity Court” Alice Wood describes the events of a particular Halloween party. The host invites her guests to the party with a legal summons, and then takes them on a scenic tour of the property, including multiple clues and one ladder, before they arrive

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Iowa in the Great Depression

Iowa in the Great Depression. Ames Historical Society, 2015, www.ameshistory.org/content/great-depression. Accessed 3 Apr. 2019.

This site has great information regarding how the Great Depression impacted the state of Iowa. Specifically, I liked how the web site showed the Depression manifested differently throughout the ten-year period, and gave specific examples of the price increases in the items important to Iowans. This information was helpful to me when imagining how my grandfather’s life might have changed during his teenage years, especially as the child of two business owners.

Allen Noonan

Allen Noonan was born in 1916 in Britt, Iowa, where his parents owned a coffee shop and an electronics store. Allen attended Britt high school and won awards in both athletics and the arts. As an adult Allen would move to California and establish multiple businesses as well as the One World Family Commune.