Let’s Enjoy Eating: A Recipe to Good Research

Murray, Mary B. “Let’s Enjoy Eating.” The Wesson Oil and Snowdrift People, 1932. Carolyn Sheppard Price Home Economics Teaching Materials, 1632.0002, 53-115, 03.

The “Let’s Enjoy Eating” recipe pamphlet by Mary B. Murray, published in 1932 by the Wesson Oil and Snowdrift people, gives the reader an insight into the lifestyle of a woman in the 1930s. The introduction by “Dr. Walter H. Eddy, Ph. D, Director of Bureau of Foods, Sanitation and Health, Good Housekeeping

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Burly “BB” Bascum Norris

Fire Chief BB Norris standing in front of the Andalusia Fire Department with fellow firefighters.

Burly “BB” Bascum Norris was born in Andalusia, Alabama, on October 11, 1922, and passed away on May 26, 2001. BB held many roles in his life of 79 years. He was a fireman, fire chief, WWII veteran, father, brother, and my great-grandfather. He spent many years of his life at the Andalusia Fire Department in Andalusia, Alabama, where he retired from his duties as Fire Chief in 1982.