Raymond L. Hoadley


Contributed by his great granddaughter Claire Tohill

Raymond Loomis Hoadley senior yearbook composite portrait, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1924. (Photo Credit: “U.S., School Yearbooks, 1880-2012”; Yearbook Title: The Record; Year: 1924)

Raymond L. Hoadley was born July 15th 1900 in Earlville, New York. Located about 4 hours north of New York City, Earlville was an extremely small village of 1.1 square miles. At the age of 20, Raymond enrolled in the Wharton School of Business and Finance at the University of Pennsylvania. While there, he was involved in many social and academic societies. He also wrote a daily column for a campus magazine. His love for writing grew, and upon graduation he became a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and the Brooklyn Eagle. While living in Brooklyn in 1930, he married Elizabeth Briggs and they had two children, Douglass and Gail. In 1940 he became the financial editor of the New York Herald Tribune. In his later years, he and his family retired to Fair Lawn, New Jersey until his passing in 1964.