Depression Era Photo Analysis

An Iconic Mother

Black and white photo of a mother and her children.This photograph is widely famous when discussing the Great Depression. I am aware that it is an obvious choice for this assignment because we have discussed it numerous times, but it feels so perfect because it truly is the first photo that comes to mind when thinking of the Great Depression. It depicts a


Tired Hope

Mexican mother in California. “Sometimes I tell my children that I would like to go to Mexico, but they tell me ‘We don’t want to go, we belong here.'” (Note on Mexican labor situation in repatriation.) June 1935. From Library of Congress Prints and Photographs.

In June of 1935, well into the Great Depression, Dorothea Lange photographed a mother and her child in California. The mother talked about how she contemplates moving her and her children to Mexico, perhaps for


Sometimes I Tell My Children

“Sometimes I tell my children that I would like to go to Mexico, but they tell me ‘We don’t want to go, we belong here.'” ( , or as I like to call it, �Chubby Jesus� is a picture we rarely see in the discussion of the Great Depression. In a theater of dirty white children and gaunt face fathers next to stern, tight lipped mothers, we have something that approximates… hope? The first thing to catch my eye was the face of the mother in this


A Pea Picker’s Home
A picture of a man standing outside of his car
One Pea Picker’s Home. One-half Mile off Highway 101 at Nipomo, California

Dorothea Lange took this photo in February of 1936 in Saint Luis Obispo County, California. It depicts a migrant worker and the car he lives in. This photo paints a familiar picture of the Great Depression. By depicting a migrant


Contrasting Image of the Great Depression

“Toward Los Angeles, Calif.”  has a unique way of capturing both the past and present of the Great Depression.  The billboard in the top right corner of the image displays the reality that most Americans had become accustomed to


Jobless Men Keep Going
From “Business Week.”

I chose this image because I believe that the men during the Great Depression were seen as being the bread winners for their family. However due to the economic conditions of the time, many were forced onto the dole (welfare). It (more…)

Migrant Mother by Dorthea Lange


By Dorothea Lange

This image of a woman and her children is one of the most recognizable images when a person thinks about the Great Depression. It is a very powerful image because it is as if she is lost in her thought, or worry, completely


Farm Foreclosure Sale

Evacuation sale sign

I immediately noticed the simplicity of this photo’s background, contrasted with the desperation conveyed in the large signs that make up the foreground. The huge size of the farm is apparent from the empty field in the back of the